The Bujinkan

Sensei Masaaki Hatsumi established the Bujinkan (“Divine Warrior”) Dojo for the purpose of sharing the teachings of the original Japanese warrior tradition with seekers all around the world. Combat efficiency and the pursuit of personal enlightment are the two goals of the dojo’s training methods. Unlike the more popular conventional martial arts of Japan and East Asia, no sports competition, cultural patterning, or rote memorisation is to be found in Bujinkan training halls. The training begins with taijutsu(“body movement” – the ninja art or unarmed combat) and physical protection skills. Then the training moves on through higher levels of awareness incorporating weapons, that allow the practitioner to manipulate and control dangerous situations before they develop to the point of no return.

Training Curriculum:

The following Ninjutsu Skills are taught in the Cyprus Bujinkan Dojo:

  • taiso ~ body conditioning
  • taijutsu ~ unarmed combat and body movement
  • bojutsu ~ stick fighting
  • tantojutsu ~ knife fighting
  • kenjutsu ~ sword fighting
  • shurikenjutsu ~ blade throwing
  • Hichojutsu and Nawanage ~ rope throwing
  • kusarifundojutsu ~ short-weighted chain
  • kyoketsu shoge ~ cord and dagger weapons
  • bisento ~ battlefield halberd arts
  • heiho ~ combat strategy
  • gotonpo ~ use of natural elements for evasion
  • oshinjutsu ~ concealment
  • meiso ~ meditation and energy techniques

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