Limassol Dojo

The Cyprus Bujinkan Dojo first established itself in Limassol in 2000 teaching the art of Ninjutsu. Since then it has operated continuously up to this date growing through the years .

At the Limassol dojo there are adult groups and children groups. Adult groups include people of any age (18+), both women and men. Children groups begin at 3 years old up until their teenage years. We welcome students of all levels.

The instructors teaching at the Limassol dojo, always under the guidance of Shihan Michael Efstathiou, are listed below:

Michael Efstathiou: Adult & Kids classes
Axilleas Morides: Adult & Kids class
Marina Gregoriou: Female & Kids classes

The Cyprus Bujinkan Dojo in Limassol is located on 11 Spyrou Kyprianou Ave on the 1st  Floor (side entrance).


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