A new sun rises for our family!!

As many of you know our dojo is the first worldwide to present 14 black belts in one week.!!

Each one with different and unique abilities, knowledge, power and talent. Congratulations to Nicosias new black belts Antreas Antreou, Aggelos Iwannou, Vasilis Skoutarides, Giwrgos Savvides, Marina Andreou, Savvas Filippou and to Limassols new black belts Axilleas Morides, Aristos Kaisis, Johnny Kattouf, Loucas Gregoriou, Marina Gregoriou, Paris Andreou, Christos Efstathiou, Constandinos Perikleous, Panikkos Kadis, Pambos Frangoudis and Markos Paraskevopoulos.
Many thanks and respect to all dojo students that helps this achievement even with their presence and support giving us all "inspiration".

True work just begins. Always remember the path and the hardships you have been through but look forward to the new experiences and knowledge you will obtain from now on.

Be the light that will shine upon our family and dojo and be the ones to bring a new era of true warriors.

WELL DAN everyone!
Michael Efstathiou

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